Nuremberg: the Nazis Facing their Crimes


Nuremberg, November 20, 1945 – In a city still in ruins, almost 6 months after the defeat of Nazi Germany, the first court for crimes against humanity opened under the auspices of United States, France, Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

Twenty two of the most important Nazi officers, from Hermann Goring, Rudolph Hess, Joachim von Ribbentrop and Wilhelm Keitel, sat as the accused. Film crews directed by legendary John Ford, captured these 300 crucial days of relentless proof of Nazis crimes.

Narrated by Christopher Plummer, these riveting archives bear witness to the birth of International Justice. See the trial from inside, as no one before.

''An excellent addition to the wealth of audiovisual material on World War II and its aftermath, this powerful film is highly recommended'' Video Librarian