Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory: an Introduction


Treading new ground in the field of social psychology, Albert Bandura’s work has become basic to an understanding of how social forces influence individuals, small groups and large groups. From his early BoBo doll experiments through his work with phobias, to his recent work on self-efficacy, Bandura has given us a sense of how people actively shape their own lives and those of others.

Utilizing archival materials and newly shot visuals, students will be introduced to the vocabulary and innovative methods of this influential thinker. Dr. Bandura’s narration imbues this video with his compelling presentation style and intellectual authority.

* Tridic Model of recipocal causation
* Fortuity and modeling
* Original footage of the BOBO Doll experiment
* Sources and effects of self-efficacy
* Examples of moral disengagement.

Part of the series Giants of Psychology