Butterfly Garden / Wendell'S Dinner


Butterfly Garden: While helping Ms. Hippo with her library garden, Ellie accidentally injures a butterfly which Gofrette tries to nurse back to health. Although Gofrette’s nursing doesn’t seem to help the butterfly too much he discovers that the butterfly likes the sound of his little flute. Gofrette becomes a pied piper like figure when he dresses like a butterfly and uses his flute to try to get the butterfly some friends to visit.

Wendell'S Dinner: When Wendell invites his Auntie Mable for a quiet dinner at Gofrette’s he causes such a disaster in the kitchen that Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie take over all the cooking while Wendell goes to get groceries. As he shops Wendell inadvertently invites the whole town to dinner. Meanwhile, Hamlet, upset because he’s the only person in town who wasn’t invited to dinner, might be the only person able to turn a dinner for five into a dinner for the whole town.