Jack 06


Sink or Swim
How do things float? When a new ship Jack’s testing out, breaks down on the ocean floor, Jack must find a way to get it back up to the surface in order to open it and reset it, before someone spots the errant alien technology. 

Aliens !
Why do fireflies glow ? Jack mistakes fireflies for fellow aliens and shrinks down to introduce himself and is promptly taken prisoner. By the time they escape, Rocket’s been cocooned in preparation for a fire fly’s dinner, resulting in Mom, mistaking the cocoon as a piñata made by the kids for their Mexican‐themed dinner. 

Beano Gets Cavities
What is a cavity ? When Sam gets a toothache, Jack shrinks down for a closer look and retrieves a small blob of the bacteria causing Sam’s teeth to decay. Jack is so taken with the blob he names it Strepto and brings it back to Beano as a pet. But after devouring a little alien food, Strepto grows to giant‐sized proportions and runs amok, giving Beanoa massive case of cavities. 

What Goes Up…
What is gravity? Jack creates an anti‐gravity device so the kids can experience micro‐ gravity. It’s all fun and games until the switch gets accidentally reversed, then the garden becomes a mega‐gravity zone which threatens to crush anything or anyone init.