The systematic study of human behavior psychology, only really began in the late 19th century. In the subsequent hundred plus years its techniques have become ever more sophisticated and far reaching.

Recent techniques for probing the structure and functions of the brain have added new tools for psychologists to understand behavior, often confirming insights gained through research based on other methodologies and sometimes adding completely new insights.

This series, which discusses neuroscience as it relates to brain function, introduces undergraduates in psychology classes to the methods and some of the insights of neuroscience, along with its basic terminology.

The series is meant to supplement, rather than replace textbook or lecture presentations. The animated graphics, stunning brain images, intriguing segments of current research and appealing real-life applications serve to reinforce and expand students’ grasp of complex subject matter and their interest in it.

The internationally recognized experts who are the narrators of the films share some of their own ongoing work along with more general information about their area of study.

Titles available:
1. Human Brain Development: Nature and Nurture
2. Emotional Brain: an Introduction to Affective Neuroscience
3. Discovering the Human Brain: New Pathways to Neuroscience
4. Making Sense of Sensory Information