The American Savannah


Lawns are us… We came down from the trees and set foot on grassy savannahs. And we’re still on them!

Lawns are life, they’re parks, gardens, cemeteries, golf courses, sports’ fields. They’re places to lie on, to play on, to sleep on, to picnic on. They’re the smell of mown grass at twilight.

But they do have a dark side! Every year, lawns drink twice as much water as the average family. Every year, American lawns absorb seventy million pounds of pesticides, endangering the lives of the kids playing on them and the adults living around them.

Lawns are us because lawns are passion and folly, freedom and constraint, beauty and poison, life and death. Lawns are contradictions. Like us. With sympathy and skepticism, wit and a probing eye, AMERICAN SAVANNAH examines that fascinating human foible, the lawn, casting a satirical glance on the obsession it has become

American Savannah