Building Mathematical Competencies in Early Childhood


This film will provide students and their teachers with an introduction to the crucial mathematical understandings, skills and attitudes children should acquire before entering primary school. Research has revealed that early math achievement predicts later achievement and that large gaps exist between mathematical knowledge and attitudes of children of different social groups in kindergarten. And these gaps, unfortunately tend to grow in later years.

This film presents the big mathematical ideas that enable a child to move beyond the rote counting and shape identification that unfortunately dominates most preschool math experiences. It shows how even teachers who have previously seen themselves as "math phobic" can lead young children to delight in thinking quantitatively and spatially and to use math concepts in their play and learning activities.

"Early childhood math instruction should involve more than teaching counting and shape identification, according to this well-organized program, in which three educators stress that both math and literacy proficiency are necessary to help children succeed in school. " Booklist Online, Oct 16, 2012 (Candace Smith)

Building Mathematical Competencies in Early Childhood