Hot Chocolate Moose / Blueberry Fish Soup


Hot Chocolate Moose: When Gofrette and Fudge go skiing for the afternoon it turns into an all night adventure. Leaving Ellie to practice her triple loop-de-loop at the Go figure Figure Skating School, Gofrette and Fudge do some hotdog skiing acrobatics and end up getting lost. A chance incident with Moby Bear turns out more fortuitous than scary and might just help them find their way back to Ellie.

Blueberry Fish Soup: A camping trip at Blackfly Lake becomes mysterious and scary when Gofrette’s harmonica gets taken and all their food eaten by wild animals. Thank goodness they brought their fishing rods!
When the wild animals strike again Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie are a little more prepared, almost ready for those more pesky than wild Purple Raccoons.