Jack 07


Let It Bee
How does smoke affect bees? When a miniature Rocket gets stuck to a honey bee, Jack must go into a hive to rescue him and accidentally causes a swarm of angry bees.

Botanical Menace
Why do some plants eat insects? When Jack accidentally trashes Mom’s roses which she’s been growing especially for today’s flower contest, Jack talks the kids into using a super‐strong alien fertilizer cube to fix them… but neglects to mention that the fertilizer has an adverse reaction when mixed with water. The kids race to retrieve the roses from the flower show and inadvertently fertilizer and then water a Venus Fly Trap instead. Now there’s an 8’ carnivorous plant running amok that has just eaten Rocket and the flower show’s about to start.

Freezin’ Hot
Where does snow come from? When Jack decides to help the kids make some slushy ice drinks, he rigs up a gizmo that quickly freezes over and causes a blizzard that almost causes the clubhouse to collapse.

Cruise Ship
What lives at the bottom of the ocean? When Jack and Chip get lost in a series of deep underwater caves at the bottom of the ocean, they use the bioluminescent creatures that live in the ocean depths to help them find their way out and back up to the surface.