Mystery Presents / To Catch a Cockoo


Mystery Presents: Someone in town is sending Greta mystery presents! She asks detectives Gofrette, Ellie and Fudge to find out who it might be, and the trio begin to investigate everyone in town. The investigation is harder than they thought until they eventually figure out how to set a trap. Could it be the most unlikely of suspects? Someone like the Fusilli Brothers, for instance, with whom Greta doesn’t get along even at the best of times?

To Catch a Cockoo: When Ellie is being repeatedly teased by a small gust of wind Gofrette comes over to her house and catches the wind in a bag. Gofrette is not sure what to do with the mischievous gust of wind and when it escapes and starts creating silly disasters all over town the trio do all they can to recapture it in an effort to find a safe place to set it free.