Quicky Slows Down / Mr. Babaloonie


Quicky Slows Down: After Gofrette, Fudge and Ellie are challenged to a game of roller skate polo by Hamlet they find out that their star player, Quicky Lorraine, has slowed down to a crawl. As they try to help a slowed down Quicky in her diner, however, she teaches the three of them how to skate better and faster than they ever could. And if they can figure out why she’s so slow lately they might even be able to get her to enter the game.

Mr.Babaloonie: When the strange Mr. Babaloonie comes to town in a hot air balloon shaped like a flying saucer Hamlet tries to prove Mr. Babaloonie is an alien from outer space. Hamlet’s investigation leads to him getting stuck in a runaway air balloon with Gofrette and Ellie who jump in to help. It’s dangerous, it’s perilous and it’s a good thing Gofrette has been learning to make balloons shaped like animals.